Bodybuilding’s newest app, Muscle Shocker™, has one simple function…

Shock the Muscle

Today's tech has finally been paired well with advanced bodybuilding science.

Shockingly Simple

We’ve simplified the process of getting directly to your workout so you spend less time configuring an app, and more actually working out.

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Built for Pros,

yet beginner friendly.

We’ve crafted the Muscle Shocker™ app for breaking through plateaus and serious muscle shocking strategies. Although recommended for experienced lifters, the app features fast and easy to follow videos for less experienced enthusiasts.
Download Muscle Shocker today and upgrade to Pro for just 4.99 for a limited time.  We’ve made the pro version totally FREE!

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How it works

Powerful, Effective & Simple

Firstly, against the advise of our marketing consultants, we’re going to go over what this app does not do.

Reviewable Tracking

Although the app will track to make sure it does not give you the same workout twice, you will not be able to look back at previous workouts. This functionality is in the works for version 2.0.

Social Sharing

You will not be able so share your progress on social media outlets such as Facebook. Again, in the works for version 2.0.

Fitness Integrations

We are not yet offering integration with other apps such as ‘My Achievements’ and others which track your overall fitness records. Version 2.0…
On the flip-side, here’s how Muscle Shocker shines:

Fast Setup

We’ve cut the fluff, offering users the ability to get straight to working out within 10 seconds of launching the app.

Muscle Shocking

After selecting a muscle family (or a custom selection), users select which of these muscles to target to extra growth and plateau breaking.

Consistently Unique

With ten’s of thousands possible workout combinations, users will be given a unique workout every time, regardless of muscle selections.

Muscle Shocker Blog

Finally live to both app stores

Finally live to both app stores

Revision after revision, we are finally live on both app stores. This has been one heck of road. Both Joe and I have worked tireless for over a year on this app and although stressful at times, we work well together and are both extremely happy with the final outcome....

Muscle Shocker, Day 1 Review.

Muscle Shocker, Day 1 Review.

For the last six days I’ve been beta testing and reviewing the new Muscle Shocker app and must say I’m very pleased with how the system is able to give me a workout that’s fine tuned for specific muscle targeting. Day 1 review of using the app Upon first opening the...

Built with Flutter

The Muscle Shocker™ app was built with Google’s all new mobile application software, Flutter.

So what’s this mean for users? Built by the Google Development team, Flutter was made to be cross-platform compatible, highly secure and extremely fast.

Almost Ready!








As of July 22, 2024 it's live on Google Play and the Apple App Store 😉

Beta testers loved it!

-from November 2019:

We are deep into beta testing and with numerous beta testers we are extremely happy with the feedback. We have a huge data set of lifting exercises and set / rep ranges and one of our biggest concerns has been the research and development we’ve done compiling right. One person’s one-rep max being, per say, 200lbs may mean they can lift 180 twice, while another person with the same 1RM might be able to lift 180 three times. The is due to differences in both unique genetic make-up along with how that muscle was formed.

"Okay now in full honesty, that first set wore me out."

“..It started me out with a circuit style exercise I had never done before, at least not like this. The ‘Super Shocker’ involved closed grip bench press and weighted bench dips.”

– Timothy Ludwick
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We can please some of the bodybuilders all the time and all the bodybuilders some of the time, but we cannot please all the lifters all the time…

Lifter A vs. B

Lifter A: Lifetime of powerlifting, cross fit, lower weight, higher rep style training.
Lifter B: Lifetime of mostly bodybuilding with higher weight, lower reps.
Both lifters max out at 320lbs on the flat bench. While the body builder may only be able to lift 280 twice, the lifter who’s got thicker muscle tissue from all those years of powerlifting may be able to lift that same 280 four times.

The A vs. B issue is in fact the biggest hurdle we have faced in developing the app. The weight levels we present to users are based on their one-rep max (1RM) (unless that feature is switched off) and we are doing our best to fine-tune the weight levels so we can best serve our app users with the best workouts possible.

Muscle Stimulators vs. The Muscle Shocker App

Yes, there is a HUGE difference and this app is NOT a muscle stimulator as it’s currently defined.

What is the Muscle Shocker Application?

Firstly, this is an app for your phone. Muscle Shocker does not include any hardware. It works on both iPhones and Android mobile devices. The app’s primary objective is geared at giving users exercise techniques which are not normally performed. Through involving new training methods bodybuilders can help break through plateaus and achieve quality gains. This app is intended to be used only on days where a lifter feel the need to switch things up. However, some bodybuilding guru’s believe that keeping the muscle guessing every time you enter the gym is in fact the best way to achieve the highest rate of growth. Do we believe that to be the case? Honestly, no. Heavy lifting and consistency while increasing the weight when possible appears to be the best method for muscle mass gain, based on a massive amount of research we’ve done on the topic.

What are Muscle Stimulators?

A ‘muscle stimulator’ involves placing actual electrodes directly on the skin in order to cause the muscle itself to twitch without the act of actually lifting weight or flexing the muscle.

Which method is best for body builders?

Are we about to write about which is a better method? No, well, kinda. Sure, we could get deep into the field of analyzing the two different approaches but one thing will always ring true, there is no real substitute for consistency and heavy lifting when it comes to building long-lasting mass.