Revision after revision, we are finally live on both app stores. This has been one heck of road. Both Joe and I have worked tireless for over a year on this app and although stressful at times, we work well together and are both extremely happy with the final outcome.

In June of 2018 we both agreed the concept had huge potential and set course to build a bodybuilding app that true lifters would be proud to utilize. It certainly took longer than intended but we also added a plethora of features not included in the initial development plan. From over 100 demo videos to basing the suggested weights on user’s one-rep max we really went well beyond the initial scope of the project in order to publish an app with best chance for success through true functionality.

We managed to develop this app while working our regular jobs (although far less hours than normal) and funded every element of the project ourselves. We did however have help from a great deal of people. From beta testers to fitness models and even outside fitness biometrics consulting the people that have helped us reach this pivotal day are the best of the best kind of human and we are forever grateful for their assistance. Mike, Dave, Jennifer, Dustin, Tim and everyone else who helped, however small, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The app is currently available for download on both app stores for free. Users can purchase the Pro version for just a dollar for a limited time. If the downloads start taking off without marketing we will be increasing this price to 4.99. Otherwise this price hike will likely take place around the 12th of December in preparation for our large marketing blast day.