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Beta testers may enjoy the Muscle Shocker App at no charge during our beta program. At the moment, the best we can offer you is a giant “Thank You!” from the bottom of our hearts as building an app is a very time consuming endeavor whilst marketing will be Expensive, yes, with a capitol “E”.


Important Info


  • Email used below must be the same as the email your Apple ID or Google Play account email.
    Emails will not be shared or even used by us for any marketing purposes.
  • If you enter your phone number we will text you when we email you the download link for the app. This information will not be shared.

  • The app and all it’s data & settings may get deleted from your device when we go live.
    We honestly don’t know whether that will happen or not.

Sending us feedback

When you receive your app download email you will given multiple options for sending feedback including calling, texting, and even FB messaging the developers directly. If possible, please take a screenshot when any issues appear and if given the option via the app, submit/send any crash reports.

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