Dear Mr. Schwarzenegger,

If by some miracle you’ve come across this, please give it a quick read. My partner and I have put countless hours (over two years) into creating an app based on a fundamental bodybuilding technique you’ve made famous… ‘shocking the muscle’.

We wrote you an ‘open-letter’ of sorts which can be found here; Open Letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but we wanted to give you a better look at how the app functions and also we’ve decided to make public our true goal; to get you on board.  If we were able to team up and have you on as a partner, Muscle Shocker would undoubtable become the world’s next best bodybuilding app. Hence,  consider this our elevator pitch.

Huge Market Potential

According to Polaris, the fitness app market is expected to grow to a double digit billion dollar market by 2026. We’re certain this leaves plenty of room for strong competitors to capitalize on certain segments of the market, such as body builders specifically looking to increase size.

– Source

Fitness App Market Value Projection

Fitness App Market Value Projection

What sets Muscle Shocker apart from all the awesome bodybuilding apps already on the market?

Real Functionality

Muscle Shocker performs, period. The app uses an algorithm we spent over a year fine-tuning. Working with real bodybuilders, and researching what exercises, set & rep ranges and rest durations work best and then how to incorporate all of these factors into each workout the app functions immensely well when it comes to breaking through plateaus and even as an every day workout generator. 

Iconic Branding

Take a look at the top competitors right now. It’s almost alarming how so many fail to utilize truly iconic and memorable names for their apps. From ‘JetFit’ and ‘Strong’ (actually called ‘Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log’ likely for search term strength), to ‘Fitness Buddy’ and ‘Dr. Muscle’, we can say with certainty that we’ve already got a huge leg up on the competition when it comes to branding. Along with the strong name of ‘Muscle Shocker’, we also have an incredibly iconic app icon.

In House Development

We didn’t outsource the development, or give away half the app to a development firm in order to get it developed. We are the creators and the developers. We used Google’s Flutter under the hood and know exactly how it functions and what can be done easily and what aspects can be more time-intensive. When the time comes for more advanced features we can easily work side-by-side with a small team to complete the heavy lifting for extremely streamlined concept to reality turn-around.

Targeted, Yet HUGE Market

Unlike other bodybuilding apps on the market, Muscle Shocker will at least begin it’s growth swoley focused on just that… GROWTH. We are targeting both advanced and beginner lifters with the rather simple pitch of helping users attain larger muscles. Although this narrows our market, it’s a HUGE market. As we are entering the stage as a free app with a very affordable, one-time purchase Pro Version, we believe we have a highly viable route to attain a large user base in a short time.

Check... Mate

We can’t name names, but we are aware of a few other apps owned by multiple parties. When meeting and discussing the direction, marketing, future and functions of their app the discussions and strong wills can kill moral and momentum. Muscle Shocker is owned, as of right now, by only two guys. One of which has been granted the power of direction by the other. Hence, if you were to come on board, I assure you, your direction would have 100% of our backing.

What could the future hold?

Entering such a competitive marketplace we have set sail with open doors, allowing our first adapters to get on board for free and even purchase a long-term captain’s quarters for a small one-time fee. However, once we have certainty the boat can navigate the waters we intend to both expand the size of the boat and increase the cost to ride.

In order to truly compete with some of the top market leaders we will need to incorporate tracking, advanced feedback, personalized workouts and listen closely to the bodybuilding markets wants and needs. We want to continue to offer a premium app at an affordable rate so although we may need to eventually jump on the ‘subscription pricing’ bandwagon, we intent to keep the fees low.

Where you come in

This entire portion of the pitch could likely go unsaid but… where’s the fun in that!?

With your endorsement, we have no doubt we could easily, with one simple press announcement, reach millions of potential users.

With your insights, there is no doubt that we can fine tune the app to function even better than it already does.

Brass tacks

Your involvement would undoubtably solidify Muscle Shocker as a legitimate competitor on the fitness app market. We’ve spent two years building the app, but you’ve spent a lifetime reaching your goals and making your name synonymous with bodybuilding. Even if you were to say “hey guys, I like it, but it needs work, here’s the changes I want to make” and we had to do more development for months, it would still be worth it to us giving you the Lions share. Controlling ownership, point blank. That’s what we are offering.

Others Need Not Apply

We are not looking for any investor/partner other than the man, the legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Schwarzenegger, as a curtosy, we would like to grant you until February 1st, 2020 to consider our offer and get in touch with us before we open the doors to other investors.