How to Shock the Glutes for Growth with Muscle Shocker

Glutes growth; easy for some, harder for others

For some, getting gains in the gluteus maximus (butt / glutes) is easy and simply doing squats once a week does the trick. For others, or those who really want to build an amazing butt, more advanced techniques are necessary.

This guide will show you how to use the Muscle Shocker application to shock the glutes into growth.

Don’t have the app? It’s free right now on both app stores and until February 1st 2020 the premium version is available for a one-time fee. Click here for iPhone and here for Android

Step 1.

Start Workout

Open the Muscle Shocker app and tap “start workout”.

Step 2.

Select Groups or Individual

Tap on “individual muscles” to select which muscles you would like to workout.

Step 3.

Select all muscles to workout

On this screen, select all the muscles groups you want to workout, not just the muscles to you want to target for extra growth. Here we are selecting Glutes, Abs and Back.

Step 4.

Select target area

Next, select the muscle group you would like to target for extra growth. In this case, we will select the glutes.

begin the workout

From there, follow the prompts to begin your workout.



Pro version only

Not hard enough or maybe you just did this exercise las workout? Tap the shock shuffle icon. This feature is only available to pro version users.

Shuffle Complete

tap it!

To complete the shuffle process, tap the button and you will be given a new exercise that targets the glutes.

Demo Videos

Beginner Friendly

Not sure how to perform a super shocker, or the given exercises? Tap the blue play icon to watch a demonstration video.

That’s all!

The workout’s Muscle Shocker generates are custom tailored to shock the targeted muscle group into growth with challenging circuits and set/rep ranges. Once you’ve tried it, be sure to review it!

Special thanks to Danielle Campbell for helping us out with the featured image used for this post! Be sure to check her out & follower her on Instagram @daniellecampbelll!