Developers and owners behind the new Muscle Shocker body building app have decided to open the app’s pro version features to all users for the remainder of August 2020.


How to secure these Pro version features for life

Install Muscle Shocker on iOS or Android and create an account. It’s that simple. You will have access to Muscle Shocker Pro for life. If you don’t create an account, the app will not register you and when these pro features once again are only available for purchase, you will lose them.


Which ‘Pro’ features become free?


Add To Workout

Add to Workout – Muscle Shocker App

These feature allows users to add both extra exercises and muscle groups to their workout while in the workout.


Shock Shuffle

Exercise Shuffle - Muscle Shocker App

Exercise Shuffle – Muscle Shocker App

During an exercise this feature allows users to swap the current exercise out for another that targets the same muscle group.