How to setup Muscle Shocker for Home Gym use (even with no equipment)

Staying away from the germ-ridden gym for a while?

Whatever your reasons may be for staying of the gym and working out from home, the Muscle Shocker App is fully ready to help you get the most gains out of whatever equipment you may have, even you have no equipment.

Don’t have the app? It’s free right now on both app stores and until February 1st 2020 the premium version is available for a one-time fee. Click here for iPhone and here for Android

Step 1.

Go to settings

Open the Muscle Shocker app and tap “settings”.

Step 2.

Select Home

Tap on “HOME GYM”

Step 3.

tap “select equipment”

Otherwise, by default the app will assume you are using a full gym.

Step 4.

Select Equipment

If you have a small home gym, possibly some dumbbells and a pull up bar, great, select them.
Don’t have a dip bar? Select it anyway. You can use a chair with strong arms or even a bed coupled with a chair to raise your feet.

Have no equipment? Again, select dip bar and then select leg based equipment if you plan to do an upper-body workout, or lower-body equipment if you plan to work your upper-body. This trick will force the app to select equipment-free exercises for your work. You will just have to come back to this setting and change options appropriately.

Step 5.

set options

Tapping “SET & CONTINUE” will lock these changes in. If you hit the back arrow you will lose all your settings.

Step 6.

individual muscles

When using the app with minimal equipment, we highly recommend you select “INDIVIDUAL MUSCLES” to select the options you want to workout.

Step 7.

Muscle Selection

We recommend selecting no more than one large muscle group, such as quads, coupled with one or two more isolate groups like biceps and calves.

Step 8.


Here you will see a list of all the muscle groups your workout will target. Select one of them to target for extra growth here.


Follow the prompts to continue to your workout.

That’s all!

The workout’s Muscle Shocker generates are custom tailored to shock the targeted muscle group into growth with challenging circuits and set/rep ranges. Once you’ve tried it, be sure to review it!

Special thanks to Danielle Campbell for helping us out with the featured image used for this post! Be sure to check her out & follower her on Instagram @daniellecampbelll!